Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Win at Akabi’s Jackpot & Get Nyrulna Legendary in BG3

Here’s how get the jackpot in Akabi’s spinning wheel and claim the Nyrulna legendary weapon reward in BG3.

Win AKabi's Spinning Wheel Circus in BG3

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Djinn are the ultimate masters of deception, and even Baldur’s Gate 3‘s Akabi and his Spinning Wheel follow suit. At the Circus of the Last Days, there’s plenty of fun and chaos to be had.

By interacting with Djinni Akabi, players get a chance to win the Spinning Wheel’s Jackpot. Here’s how to win at Akabi’s Jackpot.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Win at Akabi’s Spinning Wheel in BG3

Akabi turns player into Wheel of Cheese
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Before attempting to get the Jackpot, make sure the character who speaks with the Djinni has a replenished health bar, solid lockpicking skills, and can cast or use a scroll that allows teleportation, like Misty Step or Dimension Door. The Lucky Feat is very useful here, too. Also, save a lot.

  1. Find Djinni Akabi in the Circus of the Last Days. He’s right next to the mummy.
  2. Chat with him, receive an “ugly” jab, then request a shot at spinning the wheel.
  3. Pass a perception chest to realize that Akabi uses the ring on his beard to manipulate the results of the wheel.
  4. Leave the conversation. Do not call him a cheater unless you plan to become a wheel of cheese whose only ability is to cloud the nearby area with Cheesy Smell.
  5. Use a sneaky character, like Astarion, to pickpocket the Djinni Ring from Akabi’s inventory.
  6. Now that he doesn’t have his cheating amulet, spin the wheel again to hit the Jackpot at Akabi’s Spinning wheel.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Get the Nyrulna Legendary in BG3

Nyrulna Legendary Location BG3
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After getting the Jackpot, the Djinni will say you’re a thief and snap you away to a deadly jungle area alone. This newfound jungle area is crowded with dinosaurs, so get ready to sneak around or fight them to clear the path.

Though the dinosaurs won’t hold any loot when defeated, the area is full of corpses of previous adventurers who were deceived by the Djinni, too. Their corpses do hold valuable loot.

Lockpick Chest to Get Nyrulna in BG3
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To find the Nyrulna Legendary, head toward the southmost end of the area and spot a treasure chest. The easiest way to get there is by jumping, but if that’s out of the question, resort to teleportation spells like Misty Step, Dimension Door, or any other one that will teleport this one character to the other side.

Lockpick Chest to Get Nyrulna in BG3
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Roll the dice to lockpick the treasure chest. Find Baldur’s Gate 3 Nyrulna, a legendary trident, inside this chest. When ready, use the portal next to it to teleport back to the circus.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Nyrulna Stats

Here are the stats for the legendary Nyrulna trident:

  • 5-17 Damage (1d8+3 Piercing) + 1d6 Thunder
  • Versatile
  • Zephyr Connection: This weapon will return to your hand when thrown. You cannot be forced to drop the trident. When thrown, the weapon creates an explosion that deals 3-12 Thunder Damage in a 6m blast centered on the target.
  • Veil of the Wind: You gain a +3m bonus to movement speed and jump distance. Equipping this weapon gives you Immunity to falling damage.
  • Nyrulna: Glowing: This object shines with a glowing light in a radius of 6m.
  • Weapon Enchantment +3

Nyrulna’s a beast of a weapon that we think you’ll like a lot. Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with plenty more godly legendary weapons, which we detail in our article here.

What is a Djinn or Djinni in BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Djinni (plural: Djinn) are powerful elemental beings. Notable Djinn include Akabi, who operates a game of chance at the Circus of Last Days, and Yafeu, who is found within a magical Djinni Lamp hidden in the Sorcerous Vault. Players can interact with these Djinn, and even summon one using the Planar Ally spell. However, caution is advised as Djinn are known for their deceptive nature.