Pokemon Go Tour Bonus Gift Leaves Fans Hilariously Underwhelmed

Pokemon GO fans are prepping for the Sinnoh Tour Global weekend and were excited to see a new gift code to redeem… at least, at first.

Pokemon Go Tour Bonus Gift Code Redemption

Screenshot by Gamepur

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One day ahead of the Global Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh, fans got a notification announcing “a gift for you!” in the app. With anticipation high for the tour itself, fans were eager to see what this exciting new freebie might be.

And then we all opened our notification and immediate collective disappointment ensued. Fans are underwhelmed with the latest free offering from Niantic, and as always, we’re ready to have a laugh about it. No, it’s not a single potion and Poke Ball like that daily free gift tends to be, but it’s honestly pretty close.

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Fans Thrilled to Get One Whole Silver Pinap Berry and An Entire Rare Candy

With so much of Pokemon GO being paid access these days, we’re not saying no to more free stuff in the game. That said, many fans were less than impressed with this latest offering, which consists of a Silver Pinap Berry and a single Rare Candy.

The /PokemonGO Reddit has quite a few posts like this one from Sistermon, joking about just how generous this latest free gift has been.

“Wow, a whole rare candy!” says one response, as if they can’t quite get over the shock of something so valuable being offered up for free. And while we’re never going to say no to Rare Candy, this one is a little bit small compared with other gifts that require codes to redeem.

Some folks in the PoGO Reddit are saying it’s not worth the trouble it takes to redeem codes in Pokemon GO these days, now that the app doesn’t reliably support code redemption. That said, if you’re like me and can’t say no to a free thing, you can redeem the code GOTOURBONUS in the Pokemon GO web store and get your very own single rare candy and silver Pinap berry.

Admittedly, this gift does seem a little bit of an odd fit when the notification comes with the tagline “just in time for Pokemon GO Tour Sinnoh-Global!” There are many things I’d consider helpful in preparing for the weekend-long event with all its raids and wild Pokemon to catch, but I wouldn’t exactly say Pinap Berries and Rare Candy are high on the list. Some Ultra Balls, maybe? A free incubator or two to hatch all those Sinnoh eggs?

Of course, it’s (mostly) in good fun to laugh at Niantic’s idea of an exciting free gift for players, as free stuff is still free stuff, and we will probably use that silver pinap berry during the Go Tour Global event. Even so, fans are definitely hoping the rest of Pokemon GO Sinnoh Tour Global weekend has more exciting things in store.